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  • AWSCLI using Federated Credentials

    AWSCLI using Federated Credentials?

  • Using PowerShell-Core with AWS

    So after a year and a half, I decided to blow off the cobwebs and flex the PowerShell muscles again. Being a Windows Engineer for ‘a few years’ and writing scripts in Monad before it became PowerShell. I felt like it was time to see what PowerShell Core was like and play with AWS.

  • Terraform External Provider - Python

    Using an ‘External Provider’ in Terraform is pretty simple but there are specific requirements for the scripts processing the JSON query data. The documentation on does show a bash shell example but nothing for Python. Below is an example for Python using the same premise but leveraging ‘json’ Python module to robustly transform the JSON data.

  • VPC Flow Logs – Optimized

    Here are some great articles on enhancing your VPC Flow Logs with security group information and centralizing your logs for secure analysis in a dedicated account.

  • AWS - Get the latest Windows AMI's

    The fastest way to get a list of available AMI’s in AWS is to use the AWS CLI. If you have not used it yet go here and learn it!

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