Searching for DL’s with Exchange Expansion Servers


Do we have any Email enabled groups in Active Directory that have an Exchange 2003 expansion server explicitly specified in its properties and who manages them? 

Expansion Server:

“Exchange server dedicated to expanding the members of a specific mail enabled group (distribution list)”


So I would need to look at  Active Directory for all email enabled distribution lists that have the attribute ‘msExchExpansionServerName’ (which only exists when a group is mail enabled), and that it’s value is not blank. If the attribute is blank the distribution list is set to default which is ‘Any server in the organization’. The value can be viewed on the ‘Exchange Advanced’ TAB on the groups properties in ADUC.

Here is the PowerShell one line command that I used. I am utilizing the Quest Active Roles Management cmdlets.

You will need the following:

  1. DN, GUID or Canonical Name of the Domain or Container where you wish to search for groups. (The example quotes a DN for the group container)
  2. Quest Active Roles Management Shell snapin.

Get-QADGroup -SearchRoot 'OU=GrouOU,DC=company,DC=com' -SizeLimit 0 -LdapFilter '(msExchExpansionServerName=*)' -IncludeAllProperties | Select-Object name,msexchexpansionservername,managedby

If you need any assistance in using the Quest Active Roles Management cmdlets see this article.


I use the ‘-IncludeAllProperties’property of the ‘Get-QADGroup’ cmdlet to ensure the ‘msExchExpansionServerName’ attribute is returned into the local cached object result set, by default this would not be returned, for more information see this article..

Hope this helps.

All information is provided on an AS-IS basis, with no warranties and confers no rights.

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