Taking Data from SQL [INTO] CSV [EHLO] SMTP-Email

Today I was looking at producing a report from a SQL2005 database and exporting the SQL data into a CSV file. Once completed I would be sending the CSV file to a member of my team via Email. As this is a common request I wanted to automate this with PowerShell.

I had posted previously on basic database connectivity with PowerShell here and using that code as a basis I wrote a PowerShell script that connects to the SQL database and extracts the data into an SQLDataAdapter. The required table is selected and imported into a hash table, and then exported to a CSV file. This file is then attached to an email using the .NET SMTP Mail object and sent on its way via SMTP.

Download Script at PoshCode.org


#Connection Strings
$Database = "Database"
$Server = "SQLServer"
#SMTP Relay Server
$SMTPServer = "smtp.domain.com"
#Export File
$AttachmentPath = "C:\SQLData.csv"
# Connect to SQL and query data, extract data to SQL Adapter
$SqlQuery = "SELECT * FROM dbo.Test_Table"
$SqlConnection = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection
$SqlConnection.ConnectionString = "Data Source=$Server;Initial Catalog=$Database;Integrated Security = True"
$SqlCmd = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand
$SqlCmd.CommandText = $SqlQuery
$SqlCmd.Connection = $SqlConnection
$SqlAdapter = New-Object System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter
$SqlAdapter.SelectCommand = $SqlCmd
$DataSet = New-Object System.Data.DataSet
$nRecs = $SqlAdapter.Fill($DataSet)
$nRecs | Out-Null
#Populate Hash Table
$objTable = $DataSet.Tables[0]
#Export Hash Table to CSV File
$objTable | Export-CSV $AttachmentPath
#Send SMTP Message
$Mailer = new-object Net.Mail.SMTPclient($SMTPServer)
$From = "email1@domain.com"
$To = "email2@domain.com"
$Subject = "Test Subject"
$Body = "Body Test"
$Msg = new-object Net.Mail.MailMessage($From,$To,$Subject,$Body)
$Msg.IsBodyHTML = $False
$Attachment = new-object Net.Mail.Attachment($AttachmentPath)

Hope this helps.

All information is provided on an AS-IS basis, with no warranties and confers no rights.

One Reply to “Taking Data from SQL [INTO] CSV [EHLO] SMTP-Email”

  1. Thanks Paul – very useful! Works pretty well except that the .csv file remains locked after running it the first time. Perhaps the file isn't being released properly… restarting the powershell console releases the file.


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